Sabado, Mayo 28, 2011

Provocative Philippines

Provocative Philippines is an online pleasure business/industry catering to high end clients who are looking for guys/gals for pleasure in exchange of money. Online booking is much safer than the traditional one since potential clients and talents are subjected for screening prior to marketing and consumption of transaction. The Identity of both the clients and talents are strictly kept as very confidential since we have clients who are very discreet and talents who are new to this industry and preferred their identity hidden from public viewing. Income here are ranging from 3,000-5,000 per client depending on their personal preference and monetary liquidity.

We have long list of clients across Metro Manila Area mostly Bi Discreet Bottom who are in search of guys of their taste and requirements for a pleasure in exchange of money. Same as what we are doing with our potential models, we screen and verify their identity as well determine their serious interest on the matter. 

Usually we have the following requirements for our prospective/applicant male escort models. They are as follows

1. AGES 18-24

2. Very Good Looking/Good Looking/Above Average/ Strongly 


3. Clean Look

4. Nice-Athletic Body

5. Performer/Teaser

6. Open Minded and easy to get along

7. Friendly with clients

If you have all the above qualifications:

1. Kindly send me your most provocative pic by email or thru my FB account
Yahoo Mail : provocative_ph@...
Facebook Account: provocative_ph@... or simply type the name 
Provocative View or contact me by mobile phones

Should you decide that your pics are not for public viewing and only accessible
for a potential clients, the management is to strongly respect your desire or you 
may also opted that your pics can be posted with no facial exposure.

2. Be prepared for a Personal Encounter with the Moderator/Promo Manager for
verification, interview and photo ops.

3. The management is to strongly observed confidentiality and professionalism on 
all mattters pertaining to the business. Other informations shall be divulged later.